Slimline aluminium roof lanterns
Slimline glazed roof lanterns
Slimline skylight roof lanterns

Slimline Roof Lanterns

Slimline Roof Lanterns Here at Roof Light Lanterns we offer a range of Slimline modern rooflights which are designed with minimal glazing bar connectors which are narrow in order to maximize the natural light going through. The aluminium profiles which are powder coated feature resin thermal breaks to prevent condensation with styrofoam inserts which will […]

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skypod roof lanterns
skypod roof lights
skypod roof lights
skypod roof

Skypod Roof Lanterns

An Innovation for Improving Home Architecture and Light Innovation for Improving Home Architecture and Light  Nowadays, people are giving their house a modern spin by installing Skypod Roof Lantern. It is an easy and effective way to bring in natural sunlight and brighten every corner of the room. It is an innovative way to fill the room with […]

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atlas skylights
atlas roof lights
atlas roof lantern

Atlas Roof Lanterns

Why the atlas roof lanterns? Atlas roof lanterns have 40 mm thick wooden beams and are 30% smaller than the other roof lanterns. This means that you can enjoy the magnificent view of the sky, because you get more light in your surroundings and a more luminous and comfortable space. By adding a ceiling light […]

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