Roof Lanterns
Skypod Skylights
Q: What are the maximum and minimum size for a skypod? 
A:  Normal Skypod (Rectangle):
  • Minimum Size: 700mm X 830mm
  • Maximum Size: 2750mm X 8700mm

     Skypod SQ (Square):

  • Minimum Size: 500mm X 500mm
  • Maximum Size: 2750mm X 2750mm
Q: What is the difference in glass options U-Value 1.0 and U-Value 1.2?
A:  U-Value: A measure of air-to-air heat transmission (loss or gain) due to thermal conductance, and the difference in indoor and outdoor temperatures. As the U-Value decreases, so does the amount of heat that is transferred through the glazing material. The lower the U-Value, the more restrictive the fenestration product is to heat transfer (Reciprocal of the R-Value). This is a critical function in that it makes it possible to strike an optimum balance between economy and ecology. The lower the U-Value, the more efficient the insulation.
    Q: How long will it take for my roof lantern to arrive if I order today?
    A:  We always aim to ensure we have your roof lantern manufactured and delivered to you within a maximum of 10-15 days. 
    Q: Is there any difference between set size and made to measure roof lanterns?
    A:  From an end product point of view there is no difference between a set-size Skypod and a made to measure one, you will still be getting the same great quality products at the specification you have requested. From a manufacturing point of view we offer set size Skypods for 2 main reasons:
    • First of all the set sizes have been carefully selected to ensure the most optimal use of our raw materials in order to minimise any wastage, therefore allowing a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly process.
    • The second reason is that by producing set sizes it allows us the ability to hold pre-made Skypods in our storage facility and in turn giving us the opportunity to offer a quicker turnaround for the customer from point of order.
    Q: Can you deliver to site?
    A:  Yes, delivery charges may apply.
    Q: What is your standard lead time?
    A: For homeowners (SUPPLY ONLY): it usually depends on how busy we are but we always try our best to accommodate urgent project if required.
    Our standard lead time is 10-15 days.
    Q: Will all waste and packaging be disposed of?
    A: We may ask for the conservatory and part of the garden to be free from residents during the installation for health and safety reasons but all rubbish is removed and disposed of in an organised way.