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Why the atlas roof lanterns?

Atlas roof lanterns have 40 mm thick wooden beams and are 30% smaller than the other roof lanterns. This means that you can enjoy the magnificent view of the sky, because you get more light in your surroundings and a more luminous and comfortable space.

By adding a ceiling light to a flat surface in your home, it will illuminate the light and expand your space. Regardless of the space in which you want to build the lantern on the roof, you can dramatize the effect and leave room for a complete repair.

Atlas roof lanterns are equipped with neutral active glass, so you can use your room 365 days a year. The glass, the temperature of the room for greater comfort and helps regulate the self-cleaning – glass when it hit the rainwater that interact with the UV glass of the rainwater interact to cover evenly, and a transparent layer, dirt on the Cleaning caused the roof vents also help to ventilate, so you can enjoy a great sport on the hottest summer days.

Our lanterns are an ideal place for both modern and traditional homes and are the finishing touches to a variety of each type of property. In a modern environment, even if the Atlas roof lights forced an excellent choice and design ceiling lamps, to close a large gap, no need for unattractive is due to the optimal weight and the relationship of forces.

The flat roof coverings are available both inside and outside in PVC or aluminium and in various RAL colours, for a perfect or fluid handling.

Why should you choose atlas roof lanterns?

You can be sure that Windows Thames Valley is the perfect and reliable choice for you if you are looking for a reliable and well-established company that fits into the Atlas skylight and is equipped. Our reputation, which has more than 3 years of experience in the industry, makes us a family business that places our clients at the heart of what we do. The five-star rating of Trustpilot is a sign of our customers’ satisfaction with our products and our absolute service.

Experienced and trained installation experts assure you that you will achieve an impressive result by efficiently and professionally completing all aspects of the business. If you need instructions or advice to help you choose the right product, you can be sure that our expert team will guide you in the right direction.

As one of the 33 companies in the United Kingdom, our services are ideal for conducting a series of courses at BSI for quality research and installation. All our products come standard with a 10-year warranty. With the fear and stress of choosing a new window and door, Windows Vista Thames Valley is the first choice for quality, service and product offerings.

An atlas roof lantern allows you to create your space regardless of its size by allowing natural light to enter your home. These bulbs, which are used in varied sizes, colours and designs, and are designed for measurements combine good looks and delicate details with different thermal characteristics to improve the greenhouse, extension, or serums.

By increasing the thickness and profile of high ceiling, we can create the ideal ceiling for each project.

With unique properties of thermal insulation, enjoy the use throughout the year of the building, which reduces the risk of condensation, heating and air conditioning at low cost, and high efficiency and energy efficiency.


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