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Skypod Roof Lanterns

Roof Light Lanterns available online in contemporary, Square, 2 way or 3 way bespoke designs with sizes up to 3m x 6m. This high end, high performance slimline skypod roof lantern skylight is ideal for modern living.

Creating a stylish new living space that’s flooded with beautiful natural light adding not only value to your home but an inspiring contemporary design feature. Add that neck aching wow factor when it comes to lantern skylights for flat roofs. We call it Skypod.

Contemporary Styles

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Creative Innovative

Enlightened Design

Skypods simple clean lines eliminate the need for crestings or finials, while a unique ridge bar cover cap maintains the architectural design of aluminum roof lanterns.

When it comes to quality design, the Skypod is a breath of fresh air in the building industry. Without any crestings or finials on the roof sky lanterns, you get clean lines and lots of natural light. It also increases the depth of your room too. There’s plenty of ways you can customise your roof lantern skylight to fit the look and feel you want for your home. You can choose between a square, two bar or three bar gable pitched styles of glass roof lanterns, plus a range of external colour frames. You can also choose clear, blue, bronze or neutral double-glazed glass.

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Outstanding Energy Efficiency

Glass Window Options

The Skypod roof lanterns provide the homeowner with exceptional energy efficiency – U-values of 1.0 are achievable.

A whole range of glass colour options are also available – the Skypod roof lanterns are available in blue, neutral, bronze, or clear self-cleaning temperature controlled glass. Flat roof lantern windows are also available, contact a member of our team for more on this style design. We don’t offer this as a standard purchase online but flat roof lantern windows are available to purchase over the phone.

Create roof sky lanterns that complement your home Nothing transforms a room more than when it’s flooded with natural light. It elevates the overall aspect and enhances darkened space to provide a lighter and brighter outlook.

Skypod from the manufactuer Eurocell is a versatile and innovative system of Skypod lanterns for pitched and flat roofs combining contemporary roof lanterns and looks with exceptional build quality made to inspire your clients with an exciting and new interior design experience.

When it comes to innovation, we’re all square Introducing new Skypod SQ. The square lantern roof that offers perfectly balanced sight lines and, thanks to the Skypods simple 4 hip stunning design, higher levels of natural light than conventional designs of the same surface area.

Building a new kitchen-diner extension or replacing an existing lantern roof window, the Skypod roof lantern from Eurocell will help redefine your home, creating light and airy spaces for you to enjoy. Believe it or not our upvc roof lanterns are the highest rated in the UK at this moment. Always take care not to fall into most traps by going with the cheap roof lanterns you see online as the quality will most likely be sacrificed to get the glazed roof lanterns prices down. 

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